Fulltime Placement

This is the very core of what we have been successfully providing for over 15 years.  TRN completely understands that the most valuable resources in any company are your people. This creates the most risk, expense and difficult facet of any business to manage.

If you are hiring for a key position within your IT organization, TRN gives you the in-depth expertise with a proven track record of providing the most qualified candidates who match your specific and detailed requirements, while:

  • Having the availability of a broad selection of candidates and jobs
  • Saving you the time and effort of wading through hundreds of resumes
  • Freeing up management time spent on interviewing non-qualified candidates
  • Lowering the risk of hiring or being hired for an unsuitable position
  • Decreasing the overall financial burden

With our decades of strategic staffing experience, we pride ourselves as the very best in what we do, identifying, qualifying and delivering the very best candidates for our clients with sustainable excellence.

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